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Seamless Service
Experience for your customers

At Omni 3, we understand that your time matters. That’s why we offer a suite of data-driven customer experience solutions that are designed to simplify your customer queueing process, optimize your business operations and uplift your customer experience.


Reliable, Data-Driven Efficiency

At Omni 3, we understand that your business needs a reliable and efficient customer experience solution to deliver an elevated customer experience and bottom-line growth. And Omni 3 is designed to do just that, optimising queueing service flows making them simpler and measurable.

Our Features Include:

Always On

Real-time connection

With Omni 3, your customers and personnel know exactly how long they need to wait for any service. No more uncertainty and anxiety.

Eagle Eye Views

Floor Traffic Intelligence

With Omni 3, your floor managers and personnel know exactly their foot traffic, schedules, average wait times, and more. Never have a walk-out again.

Productivity Driver

Promote team collaboration & Communication

Capture service delivery performance, enabling your business to quickly identify and understand the underlying services experiencing efficiency blocks as well as those being delivered seamlessly. With Omni 3’s customer alerts and survey features, empower your customers to engage with your business on the service experience in real-time.

Data Analytics

Data-driven Algorithms and Suggestions

Our Data Suite allows your business to leverage on operational and customer insights to streamline service workflows, optimise business decisions and grow your bottom line. 

Brand Communication

Communicate Your Brand's Messaging effectively

Our targeted content delivery feature enables your business to ensure customers receive relevant messaging direct on their devices, aligned to their interests.